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1. What sport do you most enjoy?

A: Hockey

B: Baseball

C: Football

D: Golf

E: Horseback riding

F: Swimming

2. What is your reasonable expectation for commuting to work?

A: 5 minutes

B: 10-15 minutes

C: 20 minutes

D: 25 minutes

E: 30-35 minutes

F: 40 minutes or more

3. How close do you want to be to your neighbors?

A: I’ve always wanted a neighbor close enough to link a tin can telephone.

B: I like the closeness of a regular suburban neighborhood.

C: I like to know they’re there but have them far enough away that I can’t make out facial expressions.

D: Whether they’re near or far, privacy is important to me.

E: Neighbors? What are neighbors?

F: Either way, it’s not a dealbreaker.

4. Are you more of a city or country person?

A: I’m all about big city life.

B: I like being a short drive to the city but not immediately in it.

C: I like the quiet of a small town.

D: I like a lot of space but without that country feel.

E: Bless your heart, I’m as country as biscuits and gravy.

F: I like living in a smaller city where I can still access everything I need.

5. What kind of home/property are you looking for?

A: The condo life is the best life. I hate cutting grass.

B: A moderate family home in a great school district.

C: I don’t mind being a little farther out if I can get more house for my money.

D: I’d like space for a pool and room to run around.

E: My house isn’t as important as the number of acres it’s on.

F: An older home with lots of character and charm.

Mostly As: Huntsville

You enjoy city life, and having a short commute is high on your priority list. You like being around people and feeling like you’re involved in a community. You’d love living in Huntsville, one of the fast-growing metro areas that’s always building and expanding. There are tons of things to do in this city, including attending a variety of local events, dining in one of many delicious and unique restaurants, and enjoying the nightlife. Like big city living but not the condo life? There are also plenty of single-family and historic homes to check out that are still a quick commute to the downtown core!


Mostly Bs: Madison

Though it sits just outside of Huntsville, Madison is a suburb with a lot going on. Enjoy a baseball game at the brand new Toyota Field, spend time with nature on one of the city’s many trails, or sip something new at a local brewery. Couple all that with one of the best school systems in Alabama and you can’t go wrong! On the other side, taxes are a bit higher in Madison and homes are a little pricier. Want the Madison experience without the price tag? Try Triana – adding an extra 5 minutes to your drive keeps you in the Madison school zone with a much lower price.


Mostly Cs: Harvest

Known for its friendly community and Southern charm, Harvest is quiet and rural. Not only can you get a bigger house and backyard for a smaller price tag, but you can also find a mix of traditional homes and some farmland plots. If you’re looking for a larger property with some trees, much of the land you can purchase in Harvest is heavily forested and perfect for backyard adventures. Though Capshaw Mountain gives it that secluded feel, you’re still a quick drive to 72 and all the dining and shopping options that come along with it.


Mostly Ds: Owens Cross Roads

You’ll find this gem just over the mountain! Owens Cross Roads is more spacious but less country, has an admirable school system, and is a great place for outdoor adventure – go fishing, kayaking, or paddling on the river, or grab your clubs and head over to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Take advantage of the lower price per square foot and enjoy living in the city limits with a smaller town feel. If you want more, try Hampton Cove – a local OXR community with great amenities and an HOA.


Mostly Es: New Market

If you’re looking for wide, open space, New Market is the place for you. This unincorporated community sits just south of the Tennessee Border. It’s a bit of a longer drive into town, but worth it if you want a rural lifestyle with some room to farm and a place for your horses to run around. The cost of living in New Market is a huge draw – it’s about 13% lower than the U.S. average, and much lower than many other communities in the Huntsville area. You won’t hear your neighbors here, but you may hear a rooster crow now and then.


Mostly Fs: Decatur

You may get caught in a bit of rush hour traffic while heading home, but Decatur’s also got some really quaint, historical homes with a LOT of character – and at affordable prices. Enjoy the outdoors? The Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge and Point Mallard Water Park are both nearby, and Delano Park has a beautiful rose garden and activities for the kids. The downtown revamp has given locals a great mix of restaurants, and don’t miss the Mardi Gras parade! Decatur has everything you need and still has that (smaller) city feel without the hurry of Huntsville.

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