This is a brief summary of real estate contracts. This summary does not cover all aspects of the contract. This post has been made specifically for Real Estate Agents to use as an unofficial educational resource. Nothing in this video or post is intended to convey legal advice or best practices in any field. This post is only intended to give general advice on broad topics relating to contracts and the closing process at large. For legal advice please contact an attorney and for lending advice please contact a lender.

In this blog post we’ll be discussing the basic residential real estate contract for the Huntsville area. Within each section of the contract we will go over things to look out for and ways to best negotiate for your client. 

Use the links below to navigate through posts on each section of the contract or to jump directly to the specific section you need. If you’d prefer to watch a video on this topic, you’ll find the entire pre-recorded class below.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to find downloads of both the highlighted contract as well as the color-coded notes sheet.

Contract Sections

Section 1-2: Identifying Parties in Your Contract & Entering a Complete Address

Section 3-6: Purchase Price, Earnest Money, Loan Amount & Balance

Section 7: Settlement Charges

Section 8: Settlement Charges – Seller

Section 9: Surveys

Section 10: Conveyance

Section 11: Title Insurance

Section 12: Closing & Possession

Section 13-15: Agency Disclosure, Condition of the Property & Lead-Based Paint

Section 16: Termites

Section 17-18: Additional Inspections & Final Inspections

Section 19-22: Disclaimers, Financing, Prorations & Risk of Loss

Section 23: Fixtures

Section 24-27: Seller Warranties, Defaults, Trust Accounts & Arbitration

Section 28-31: Terminology, Electronic Signature Provision, Entire Agreement Provision & CD/Settlement Statement

Section 32: Additional Provisions

Section 33: Signatures

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Sample Real Estate Contract (highlighted)

Corresponding Notes

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By: Geoffrey K. Middleton
Attorney at Law
Huntsville, Alabama
Written in Jul 2020