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It is important to bring up to your clients that we are splitting not only the title policies themselves between buyer and seller, but also the simultaneous issue fee and the binder fee. (The issue fee will not appear on your settlement statement. The simultaneous issue fee is built into the title policy.) This does not include the title search, which is typically the buyer’s responsibility to pay for; the buyer pays for the search, and the seller has to fix anything that’s found. For example, if there was an estate that went bad and didn’t convey properly, then the attorney has to call everyone, file all the deeds, and make sure everything is fixed; it’s the seller’s responsibility to pay for the attorney’s time to have all this fixed.

Sellers are often upset that they have to pay for the buyer’s title policy and the lender’s title policy when they have nothing to do with that, but this is a local custom and is not actually a legal necessity. As such, it is written into the contract, but it is always negotiable and can be amended in the Additional Provisions section if you have a client who is from out of town and isn’t used to paying these fees, for example. 

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